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Silk: A Great Choice for Curtaining

With a new year upon us, we tend to gravitate towards a need for change. Change like having durable silk curtains under a budget. At this point, you searched everywhere, asked friends for advice and visited multiple fabric stores but simply can’t make a decision whether to have silk curtains in your home. Before making a harsh choice, here are a few questions you should be asking yourself: -Will it lighten the space and, still maintain the warmness? -Is it be suitable for a guest room? -If it’s placed by the door, will it get damaged? -Will it affect the natural light?

Tough questions, right? But here’s why silk curtains is a great option to use in your home. Silk is what diamonds do for your hand. It’s the flattering queen of textiles; made of an economically important insect known as a silkworm. It’s a primary producer that can seemingly transform an ordinary space into a luxurious icon.

This material is an all climate fabric; warm in winter and comfortably cool with rising temperatures making it resistant to wrinkles and easy to maintain. Believe it or not, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers around due to its surface resist oil and odors very well. Don’t worry, even if the kids or pets mess on the curtains, silk curtains are easy to wash with no hustles.

Your home interior decor can easily tie in with silk. This could be a throw draped across the couch or a tablecloth on an impressive dining table. According to FreshHome, “fabrics are generally used to provide a splash of color or texture to the room and you can use the fabric to pull out the look you are going for or simply to accent it”. And we agree. So no need for doubting when introducing silk curtains into your home and, it sure will fit into your lifestyle.

Share with us your impressive and elegant home décor and designs. And please visit us or contact us if you ever need help, will be glad to be of great assistance.

Constantia Curtains: 021 761 9648

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