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Decorate with Texture

Thinking of styling your interior designs with a dramatic effect instead of making it a design statement? Then decorate with texture is the obvious choice. Why? It's been said that incorporating texture into your living space adds an extra dimension which makes the room more interesting and cozy to stay in.

Here are a few tips to help add texture to your rooms for a more stylish and comfortable approach:

1. Create a cosy and inviting space which involves bringing in soft and comfortable textures with layered blankets, carpets and interesting baskets.

2. If you’re going for the sleek and modern look for your interiors, doesn’t mean you can’t add texture. Make the room more dynamic with shag rugs, leather pieces, glossy surfaces and shiny metals.

3. When you setting the mood, establish your style by incorporating soft, fine fabrics for a feminine mood or more use rustic materials for a masculine feel.

4. Use texture to create a focal point in the room, like a rough hewn coffee table or a colourful velvet couch to bring out the warmth and simplicity in the living area.

5. When it comes to the overall detailing of the space, combine a mixture of textures in a concentrated area, like a collection of colourful scatter pillows or a blend of glass, ceramic and linen on the dining table.

6. Even though you featuring texture accessories, it can get overwhelming if it's being overused. Choose just a few pieces for your space and you won’t lose the impact by cluttering the room.

7. Some of us prefer balancing classic with casual. Add texture and keep your rooms feeling too staged by bringing in unexpected colours for a cool and sassy bohemian look.

For all your curtain or upholstery inquiries, please contact our store which stocks a wide range of the latest trends:

Constantia Curtains: 021 761 9648

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