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Why is lining in curtaining key?

Did you ever wonder why lining in curtaining is so important? Why it's necessary and, what it's benefits are? Today we discuss why you should have it.

One of the key reasons lining is vital is to help protect your window treatment and to make it last longer. Lining allows to keep your beautiful fabric from fading and from changing colour by the sun. By having proper lining in place, the fabric on the interior of your window treatments is shielded from the harsh rays of the sun; allowing even delicate fabrics to enjoy a longer life.

What is great about lining is that it allows for privacy. Adding lining behind a semi-private fabric will boost the opacity of the treatment, ensuring that your bedroom, bathroom or living space is completely private.

If you have noticed but having lining makes your curtains look great. It helps thin fabrics have a nicer drape to the window, and makes them look more substantial.

Typically, linings is created out of white or ivory fabric. When it's being used behind fabrics of varying colours and patterns, the lining makes all the treatments look alike from the outside; creating a unified look from the street view. In addition, the colours of the face front fabric of your drapery or curtain also appear richer when a lining is placed behind them; without a lining, the sunlight coming through the fabric can make the colours appear washed out during the daytime hours.

What are your best tips for winter interiors? We love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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