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Protect your upholstery: How to

Constantia Curtains is a well-known quality upholstery and curtain fabric retailer and, we proud ourselves over the last few years on the outcomes of various furniture pieces that have been turned into brand new arm chairs, couches, ottomans and curtains. But how do we keep them protected from kids, direct sunlight, pets and spills?

Here are a few tips we use to guard against damage and help keep your upholstery looking good:

1. Use slipcovers or couch coverings

Using a slipcover is an inexpensive way to protect your upholstery. It's easy to clean and can be replaced if it starts not matching to your decor style. If a slipcover is not something you would use, opt for a blanket or bed cover in the colour and pattern of your choice.

2. Use a fabric protector

To protect your upholstery furniture, use a stain-resistant fabric protector which helps to protect stains coming onto your furniture and will make it look good for as long as possible.

3. Convert activity

If you have kids and pets, try and divert activity from your furnishings by moving them into areas that can be utilized. If you have pets such as dogs who love lounging on your sofa, invest in a dog bed which is just as comfortable as the couch.

4. Professionally cleaned

Give your furniture a new lease on life by having your furnishings professionally deep cleaned. It will help to remove stains, odours and general grime that home vacuuming doesn't touch, helping restore upholstery to that new feeling.

For all your curtain or upholstery inquiries, please contact our store which stocks a wide range of the latest trends:

Constantia Curtains: 021 761 9648 or simply email us at

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