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Techniques to cleaning your curtaining

It's known that our curtains or drapings are exposed to dust and dirt daily, not only on the surface but in-between the folds and hems. Due to the volume of the material, it can be a difficult task to get them cleaned.

Here are a few techniques on how to get them cleaned:

Hand wash

We know, it can be a labour-intensive process but it applies to very delicate fabrics that either have painted prints on or are embroidered. Make sure to look at the manufactures instructions on the label or ask the sales personnel as to what is recommended.

Make sure you remove all hooks, curtain weights and fittings because it may damage the fabric. Use gentle washing detergents without a bleaching agent and have the detergent dissolve in warm water before adding your curtains. Squeeze lightly or compress the length of the fabric, rinse thoroughly and then either tumble dry or hang the curtains in a clean.

Use your washing machine

Cotton, linen or woven curtains are suitable for cleaning it in your washing machine. This is usually the best time-efficient way of cleaning your curtains.

Select cold-water wash cycle and use a light detergent. If there are bad stains, it may be appropriate to use a warm water cycle or, clean it separately before adding it into the machine but be sure to check the label first or the material may shrink or fade. Dry the curtains in a tumble drier set on low heat until partially dry and then re-hang. The weight of the curtains will smooth out any wrinkles.

Have them dry cleaned

Dry cleaning is a specialist technique best left to curtain cleaning experts. It typically involves stain removal and dry cleaning with chemical solvents known as perchloroethylene, or percs. Creases or wrinkles are steamed out and the curtain is re-hung in pristine condition.

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