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The composition of fabrics, linen and cotton.

The refined texture and durability of linen is found in the flax plant fiber. The priceless technique used to weave linen allows it to breath making it a living piece of fabric either as a standing roll, a full length curtain or on a piece of furniture it expands and contracts. This unique feature makes it one of the sort after fabric material as it can be used to make fine and delicate items and revered for its coolness and freshness in all seasons. On the other hand, cotton is more soft and fluffy, which comes from stale fiber in the plant. It’s softness and breathable textile results from being spun multiple times, turning boll of cotton into thread. Comparing cotton to linen, cotton is a good insulator making it a desired fabric material simply because of it’s comforting softness and warmth were as linen absorb 20% of moist. Cotton does not crease easily and it’s easy to dye.

At Constantia Curtains we take pride in being one of the leading high quality fabric distributors across South Africa, pure cotton and linen fabrics in a range of different design in weave and color. We also appreciate some of our cotton and linen blend fabrics that allow us to design print on them and the following are our best selling design prints, Birds Haven, Protea and Birds, Botanical Protea and Strelitzia.

If you will ever come up with questions you cannot find answers on curtaining or cushions and upholstery. Please contact our store and will be of great help to your satisfaction and guarantee.

Constantia Curtains: 021 761 9648

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The couch in the natural linen and the cushions in pink and orange.

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