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How to choose curtain fabric

Have you ever considered if you choosing the right curtains for your living area? Yes, you can make curtains from virtually any type of fabrics but, are you selecting the correct one, are they durable, how much light you would like to have or block out or, do they need to be lined? These are the questions you need to ask when you having your curtains made up.

Before heading off to a curtain store, make sure that you have the measurements of your windows simply because fabrics come in different widths and lengths and there is nothing worse than purchasing fabric in the wrong size.

Because fabrics are sold in different widths, you might be required to use more fabric for a single curtain or the lining that's available in the required width.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing curtain fabrics:

1. If the living area catches the afternoon sun, consider using cotton, polyester, linen, acrylic, or dynel fabrics. These fabrics are not liking to fade with directly sunlight.

2. If you looking for privacy, we suggest you use sheer fabric if you don't want to block out light.

3. Velvet, linen and faux are the most suitable fabrics to use if you want your curtains to hang well.

4. Silk curtains should not be utilised in sunny rooms as it's prone to sun damage.

5. If you looking to block out light, use suede, velvet, tapestry or tweed to keep the heat in and keeping the light out.

For all your curtain or upholstery inquiries, please contact our store which stocks a wide range of the latest trends:

Constantia Curtains: 021 761 9648 or simply email us at

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