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Hung all wrong

One would never think that a person can hang a curtain all wrong. But you can! It makes your beautiful living area look cheap and can certainly make your guest feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Here of some of the mistakes many people make:

1. Rods are too low

There’s something called a ‘cultural height’ where your curtain rod should be aligned. Many of us place our rods above the window frame to avoid that too short-curtain look but the correct measure is to place the rod just under the ceiling to make it look higher and your look more spacious.

2. Curtains are too short

The most common mistake we make is purchasing a too short curtain that makes your area too stubby and awkward. However, here are three options to consider to avoid this look from happening:

A. The Slight float – Your curtain should be at least an inch above the floor if you someone who doesn’t like their curtains to have a break at all.

B. The Kiss – Your measurements need to be extremely accurate from the rod to pull this option off. The Kiss is the curtain that barely touches the floor which has a tiny break or bend in the curtain when it opens.

C. The Puddle – This option works great for those who love a more feminine, old world look. The puddle is where the curtain lays all over the floor. It works well if the fabric of the curtain is high quality either washed linen or velvet where it’s thick and grand.

3. Rods are not wide enough

Another common mistake being made is that the rod is not wide enough on both sides of the window which makes the curtains looked forced; blocking out the light and making the windows look smaller. Makes sure to extend your rod to at least 6-10” on either side of the frame to ensure that when you open the curtains you can see the whole window.

Here’s a great handy guide to hanging your curtains done by illustrator, Jonna Isaac:

Remember if you want your living space to look great, invest in longer curtains or even more panels if you have a larger window frame.

For all your curtain or upholstery inquiries, please contact our store which stocks a wide range of the latest trends:

Constantia Curtains: 021 761 9648

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