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How to make a room feel warm this winter

There are a variety of fabric ideas and décor techniques to make your home warm and cosy this winter. Pastel room colours and white soft tones bring out the bright and airy feel, while natural fabrics and rich textures add a warm feel that will turn your space into a pleasant sanctuary for the winter cold.

Colourful textiles and fabrics is a way to add rich hues. Another way would be to add bright chunky knitted pillows, rugs, blankets, and lamp shades that might seem small but makes a huge difference while warming up the interior décor.

Fabrics such as velvets and wool will help bring out warm textures and will create a warm atmosphere. For extra warmth, throws make a great addition to your rooms. From linen and cotton to knits and velvet throws, it makes the space feel immediately warmer.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, there will always be a fabric that will compliment your home that will transform both the look at the feel of your environment.

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